+ What is a transcript?

A transcript is the marks list, originally issued by the university or institution. A transcript contains your academic grades, the marks you have obtained, the maximum marks along with an explanation of the grading system (if any) that your college follows. Please note that photocopies of the student’s marks sheet is not treated as a transcript.
+ Do all universities offer scholarships?

Most of the universities offer scholarships to international students. The basic criterion of availing a scholarship is your good test scores and fair academics. Scholarships (when granted) generally start from $500 to full fee waiver and even a stipend to cover living expenses. It depends upon the university to provide you with the same.
+ What is a conditional and unconditional letter of offer?

Unconditional Offer: If the university is offering an Unconditional Offer to the applicant, he will not have to meet any further academic or English language requirements.

Conditional Offer: If the University is offering a Conditional Offer to the applicant, any conditions applying to your offer would be stated in your offer letter. These are usually a requirement for completion of studies at a particular level, e.g. obtaining your First Class in your graduation, or English Language requirements, e.g. IELTS or TOEFL. When you have met the conditions at a level described in your original offer, applicants are required to provide transcripts and other official documentation so, that the University is able to issue applicant an Unconditional Offer Letter.

+ Why is US better than other countries for higher education?

Because of world-class technology that’s being taught there and also because of the flexibility in enrolling, transferring and continuing in different programs at various levels.
+ Which type of colleges offer Associate degrees?

Community colleges
+ What are the pre-requisite tests for admission into various programs of US universities

TOEFL or IELTS for English proficiency, SAT for undergraduate level programsGRE for MS programs and GMAT for Management-related programs.
+ What is the ASR fee for GRE?

US $ 20. ASR is Additional Score Reporting, which has to be done by a student if he/she were to send score reports through ETS for additional universities than allowed by ETS
+ What is SAT II Test? Is it mandatory?

SAT II Subject tests are offered in twenty different subjects, one or some which are required by US universities for admission into their highly competitive programs, in addition to SAT 1 Reasoning test.

+ Who can be the sponsor for my Australian Education?

It can be the applicant itself (self-sponsor), or their parents, grandparents (Paternal or Maternal), or spouse, or their brother or sister.
+ My IELTS score is less than the university requirement. Can I still apply for the admission?

Yes you can, with an option of pursuing ELICOS (English Language) course in Australia.
+ Do the colleges accept the sponsorship from USA or UK?

Yes It is acceptable.
+ Is IELTS mandatory for the visa?

Yes, IELTS is mandatory for applying Australia visa and the test should be taken within 2 years from the date of application for admission.
+ What are the intakes for education in Australia?

The main intake is in February, while few universities commence some programs from the months of July & November.
+ What is the minimum eligibility of IELTS for Australia Education?

It varies by the university. But most universities prefer the score bands of 5.5 / 6.0 as the minimum eligibility and also 7.0 for some universities