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Dream of studying abroad can be fulfilled now by attempting IELTS online Test. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is one of the recommended English tests that are accepted by all universities. These Education Institutions accept students who belong to non-English native countries but with the condition that they must have given IELTS Exam with good bands scores.

This test was officially formed in 1989 by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and International Development Program of Australia Universities and Colleges (IDP).

The English language considered the International Language, and the majority of world countries speak this language.  The main aim of conducting this test is to see the English language proficiency of prospective international students.

 By attempting this unique test, students and universities would be able to know how proficient students are concerning their English Language Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing Skills.  

 IELTS Test Types:-

IELTS exam can divided into two proportions. One is Academic Ielts (AI), and another is General Ielts (GI). AI is recommendable for those prospective students who wish to acquire an international degree in their hands. This test helps them to get an entry in top-notch colleges and universities who have their setup in overseas.

GI is suitable for those candidates who wish to migrate to a different nation. The majority of immigration departments accepts this general IELTS test as genuine proof that candidate who wants to relocate in their country can speak, read, write, and listen English Language.

Modules of IELTS:-

In this tough COVID-19 situation, people who are panic about how their dream of study abroad will accomplish? How would they be able to take the IELTS test or IELTS Mock Test?  Needn’t worry because in this critical situation and with the help of Technology, students would be able to get IELTS Online Classes without any hassle.

In the IELTS exam, four major sections are being focused. These sections can be categorized as Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Let's have a glance what exactly you can expect in these modules so that you can prepare yourself accordingly:-

 Listening: - In this particular test, you will listen to 4 numerous recordings, and altogether you have to answer 40 Questions. You can listen to the recording once only, and no reputation will be allowed by the authorities. Thirty minutes will be given to the candidate to answer the questions, and an additional 10 mins will be given to transfer those answers on the original sheet.

 In this test, only native English accents will be used, and candidates need to prepare themselves accordingly to crack the best result.

 Reading: - Reading Module of IELTS is very challenging for most of the students. In this test, 3 or 4 reading paragraphs given to students and they supposed to read them very carefully and need to get the appropriate answers out of them.

Time management is essential in this module. Only sixty minutes will be allocated to candidates, and they have to manage things accordingly. So as an advisory, keep calm during attempting this module and don’t get stuck on one particular paragraph if you don't know the answer, then better to move on to the next one.

 Writing: - In this test, you have an opportunity to score more than other modules. This test allows candidates to pen down their writing skills, and they are expected to respond to a given situation in a professional manner.

Sixty minutes time period is given to the candidate. They will be allocated two tasks, 1st task would contain 150 words, and the 2nd task would contain 250 words minimum, which they are supposed to write. It will be helpful for candidates to start reading books and newspapers as both habits will help them to enhance their knowledge.

 Speaking Candidates are supposed to sit in front of the certified examiner, and accordingly, the test began. Candidates are given clue cards, different topics, or sometimes self-description, which candidates have to describe in their own words.

On Average, 11 to 15 mins will take this test to accomplish. Still, sometime if discussions among two parties are interesting, then the period may be extended till the time there is a conclusion of the conversation.  

Candidates need to speak the English language with their family members, friends, and other social places before attempting this test. Advance English Speaking practice will boost the morale of candidates, and confidently they can try this test with ease.

Purpose and Benefits of IELTS:-

IELTS is a very unique and profound way to prove your English language proficiency. By attaining the certificate, you can study overseas at your Dream University or college. This test is valid for two years, and afterward, you have to attempt again to get the new one. IELTS test doesn't pass or fail the candidate and infect give bands to candidates on a scale of 1 to 9.

ü  Band 1 :- Non User

ü  Band 2:- Intermittent User

ü  Band 3:- Extremely Limited User

ü  Band 4:- Limited User

ü  Band 5:- Modest User

ü  Band 6:- Competent User

ü  Band 7:- Good User

ü  Band 8:- Very Good User

ü  Band 9 :- Expert User


These days IELTS certificate is beneficial for those candidates who are seeking good designation jobs in multi-national companies. They can attempt the General IELTS test to show their competency.



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