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Country Overview

Canada is one of the best study destinations for students. In 2017, Canada experienced almost 500,000 international students studying at all levels in the country; which explains its popularity across the globe.

Canada is as varied as it is vast, stretching over 7,000km from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 90% of the country’s 34 million inhabitants live less than 100 miles of the US border in the south leaving the majority of the 10,000,000 square kilometers of wilderness untouched.

Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories in the north. The Yukon Territory, Northwest Territory and Nunavut make up Canada’s three territories which umbrella the provinces in the south. The majority of the territories remain uninhabited and air transport is often the only way around.

How To Apply Canada Immigration Under Express Entry Program?

The Government of Canada has started a new immigration process called Express Entry for skilled professionals wherein online profile is created by interested applicants from across the world. Some salient features of Express Entry process are:
1> The selection criteria are on merits and the highest ranking profiles are selected in regular draws conducted online by Canada Immigration Govt. Department.
2> The applications are submitted on the official website of CIC under the new rules from 1st January 2015 onwards.
3> The government has proposed to process the invited applications within 6 months or less.
4> The new system has created unmatched opportunities to many more professional occupations paving the way for a greater thrust to this immigration program.
5> The new list of occupations may be viewed by the interested applicants by following the link 
6> Since there is no limit on the number of online applications submitted. Hence, quick decision to file the Canada Immigration petition is the key to new Express Entry program under different Canada Skilled Federal or Canada PNP and Canadian work experience class (CEC) Immigration categories.
7> Under this ambitious Express Entry Scheme, approximately 7000 applications are selected per month.

How Express Entry Program Works - Step By Step Procedure

Canada Express Entry is an opportunity that allows the aspirants to create an account free of cost which can be used for one year, after that period applicants may resubmit their profiles if they are willing to. The conspicuous aspects of ‘Canada Express Entry Program’ are as follows:

1> The candidates picked under the Canada Express Entry System are given the status of permanent resident. They are not required to contend against the occupational limitations the system without first come first serve basis of evaluation and predetermined time deadlines;

2> The program includes several schemes provided below.
i) All of the former federal skills migration initiatives.
ii) FSW – Federal Skilled Worker scheme
iii) FSTP– Federal Skilled Trade Program
iv) CEC – Canada Experience Class
v) Some parts of provincial nomination schemes

3> Before creating a profile, the applicants must do a preliminary process – they must get their educational achievements evaluated from WES, and they must write an approved language proficiency test as an evidence of their linguistic skills in either English or French;

4> The profiles are assessed for eligibility by the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. The applicant’s profile would be evaluated on the basis of certain pre-determined criteria, like:
a> Age
b> Linguistic skills
c> Academic accomplishments
d> Professional exposure
e> Other deemed vital profile traits that can evidence the ability of new entrants in settling in the Canadian environment

5> After assessing the profiles, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) ranks the applicants on the basis of the marks obtained;

6> Auxiliary points can be gained by the applicants under the following conditions:
i> Received state sponsorship.
ii> Full-time regular employment offer letter from a Canadian employer;

7> The CIC manages shortlisting draws at regular intervals to choose the applicants who have obtained highest points; or have received a provincial nomination, or have attained a permanent employment offer from a Canadian employer through job bank;

8>The shortlisted candidates are supposed to move ahead with the filing of second sets of the applications for permanent residence. Chosen candidates are given 60 days to respond the invitation; if the applicant is flunked to do so then his/her invitation would be canceled.

9>The CIC assures to evaluate appeals of the selected applicants within six months of receipt of completed requests;

Benefits Of Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident Visa)

After you migrate to Canada on Permanent Resident Visa; the landed PR visa holders are entitled to certain benefits as stated below:

  • Free Education for Children up to 12th Class
  • Free Medical Facility to Immigrant Family
  • Social Security i.e. Pension Scheme after Retirement
  • Eligible to Apply for the Canada Citizenship
  • Subsidised Higher Education at Low Cost
  • Free to Live, Study or Work in any Part, Province of Canada.
  • Canada PR holder is protected under Canadian Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Hence, we suggest our prospective clients to take a speedy decision because the online express entry pool is accepting thousands of applications per week and the competition is becoming fierce day by day because only the highest ranking profiles are invited to apply for Canada Permanent Resident visas. Canada offers strong economy & financial stability, also easy & multiple programs for immigration as per your need apart from unemployment rate which is the lowest in the world.



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